City of Groveport Capital Improvement Program (CIP)
In coordination with City Administration, the Engineering Department prepares a Capital Improvement Program (CIP) for review and approval by City Council and then puts this CIP plan into action by supervising planning, design and construction of projects.  The CIP includes important City infrastructure projects to improve our public streets, our public utilities and water production and distribution infrastructure. 

Annual Street Maintenance Program
The City's 2017 Street Maintenance Program is scheduled to be awarded in late spring.  More details will be posted as the plans are finalized.

Hendron Road Reconstruction Project
The City will be starting the Hendron Road Reconstruction Project (OPWC Project Number CC02T and CC03T), in late spring of this year.  Plans are being finalized to reconstruct Hendron Road from Main Street to Marlowa Drive/Glendening Drive.  The reconstruction project will include storm sewers, curb and gutter, sidewalks, a new 12" water main, and new street lights.  The project also consists of adding sidewalks on the west side of Hendron Road from Marlowa Drive to Cherry Blossom Drive.  Construction will coincide with the Groveport Madison Local School District school schedule, and will begin immediately following the last day of classes at Glendening Middle School.  Construction at the intersection of Glendening is scheduled to be completed by the first day of classes in August.  More details and construction updates will be posted.

Bixby Road Improvements 
The City will be making improvements on two (2) sections of Bixby Road this year.  The West Bixby Road Reconstruction-Phase 1 Project, (OPWC Project Number CC08T and CC09T), will be combined with the East Bixby Road Reconstruction Project, and be bid together in late spring.  More details will be posted as the plans on this project are finalized.