Art Gallery

Artwork by Kimberly and Carter Rhyan - February Display

Creating art is a family activity that fills our home-we focus on play and having fun, creativity shapes our family to be innovators.  Carter has a way about organizing and planning his artwork that is nothing like my process. He tends to think about his design and then he begins. I tend to paint without a plan and navigate a path by chance. I am thankful that I get to celebrate with my son through art-making; it’s a path to growth and understanding. I’ve also learned that art-making with a child is messy, but it is also filled with beautiful awakenings.



CLASSICAL SHADOWS BY: Steven Riggs & Garith Smith
This is an exhibit of classical paintings that herald to days of wonder and mythology.  Each painting is beaming with a mystical flair and dreamlike aura that complels the viewer to dream.  Garith is an up and coming artist from the Circleville area and Steven is a Central Ohio instructor.