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Groveport, Ohio 43125

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The City of Groveport operates under a “Mayor, Administrator, Council” form of government, as specified by the Charter for Groveport, Ohio.

The Administration is headed by the Administrator who is appointed by the Mayor, with the confirmation of Council. The Administrator is the chief administrative officer, with the exception of the Departments of Law and Police, and is under the direction and control of the Council with respect to matters within the control of Council and is under the direction and supervision of the Mayor with respect to administrative matters.

“As the Administrator for the City of Groveport, I look forward to working with the Mayor, Council, and staff to provide residents and businesses with municipal services that are both excellent and efficient.  

As in anything, communication is so important to a satisfactory outcome for any issue.  This includes accurate and timely information from your local government to you, as well as excellent communication between city departments and other local government entities.  

Every resident, business owner, and visitor to our community is important to us.  My door is always open, and I encourage you to contact me if the need arises … or just find the time to stop in and say ‘hi’.”

Marsha Hall, City Administrator

Please call (614) 830-2042 to reach the City Administrator’s office.