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Driving Distances to Selected Cities (in miles)

Boston, MA - 752

New York, NY - 535

Washington, D.C. - 379

Atlanta, GA - 575

Pittsburgh , PA - 185

Detroit, MI - 212

Chicago, IL - 366

Indianapolis, IN - 189

St. Louis, MO - 431

Cincinnati, OH - 110

Toronto, Canada - 462

Cleveland, OH - 153



Rickenbacker International Airport

Rickenbacker International Airport is a high-speed international, multi-modal logistics hub and strategically planned cargo complex serving several key business segments, including international airfreight, cargo airlines, freight forwarders, logistics companies, e-tailers, corporate aviation businesses, manufacturers and distributors.

Located just 5 minutes southwest of the City of Groveport, Rickenbacker contains two 12,000-foot runways capable of handling any aircraft in the world. Rickenbacker gives businesses a key competitive advantage for gaining access to the global marketplace.

Port Columbus International Airport

In the past five years, the Columbus regional Airport Authority has invested more than $210 million in capital improvements to Port Columbus. Improvements include the newly reconstructed International Gateway, significantly increasing the efficiency of traffic flow into and out of the airport. Upcoming capital improvements include the replacement of the south runway, a project that recently received $90M in funding from the Federal Aviation Administration. The replacement of the south runway will enable greater airport capacity by allowing for an increased number of aircraft operations and creating space for a future second terminal.

Freight Rail and Port Access

The new Heartland Corridor allows double-stacked freight trains to travel directly from the Port of Virginia (Norfolk International Terminals) to a state-of-the-art intermodal facility located at Rickenbacker International Airport.

rickenbacker(Image courtesy of Columbus 2020!)

The National Gateway Corridor provides the Columbus region with additional port connections in Baltimore, MD, and Wilmington, NC.

Foreign Trade Zone #138

FTZ No. 138 encompasses nearly 5,200 acres with sites in 10 counties in or near the Columbus region. These General Purpose Zone sites are intended for multiple users and are either industrial parks or multi-tenant buildings. Subzones are for a specific company at a specific location.

( Source: Columbus Regional Airport Authority)