Groveport Municipal

655 Blacklick Street
Groveport, Ohio 43125

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City Council


 2014 Groveport Council:
     Front Row: Mayor Lance Westcamp, Jean Ann Hilbert, Donna Drury
     Back Row:  Shawn Cleary, Ed Dildine, Ed Rarey, Becky Hutson

The Municipality of Groveport operates under a "Mayor, Administrator, Council" form of government, as specified in the Charter for Groveport, Ohio.   The Council is the legislative branch of the Municipality and consists of six members elected from the Municipality at large to four-year terms. The Council possesses the following powers:

  • Levying taxes and assessments and incurring debt.
  • Adopting and providing for the enforcement of local police, sanitary and other similar regulations.
  • Exercising all powers of self-government and utility powers granted by the Constitution of the State of Ohio.
  • Establishing the number of officers and employees of the Municipality and establishing their rate of compensation, hours of work, fringe benefits and other conditions of employment. Establishing rates and charges made of all consumers of Municipal utilities and services.